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So you're ready...

to take your marketing to the next level, and engage your target audience where they're hanging out... what's next?

Enter stage left, ME!

Built from my 10+ years of experience in marketing and communications, my services are strategically designed to provide you with the best options to reach your business goals.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Strategy Development

Content Development & Strategy

Email Marketing

Data and Analytics

web marketing

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Your Perfect Partnership Awaits

marketing strategy

Director of Marketing Services

Full-service marketing director leadership for your business. I'll take the stress of marketing your business off your plate! 

direct marketing

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Together we'll take a deep dive into your business, define your goals, and develop a rock-solid marketing strategy, ready to implement.

marketing research

VIP Sessions

Following an in-depth strategy session, I'll provide you with key deliverables to kickstart your project journey. Multi-level sessions are available for any business type.

Marketing - Content Creation

Full-Service Director of Marketing

Hey, I get it. Running a successful business is stressful enough, why continue to add in worrying about if your marketing efforts are working?

Let me handle that for you! As your Director of Marketing, I will swoop in and take over all of those marketing plans that keep you up at night, ensure you have a strategy that aligns with your business goals, a content plan that reaches your target audience where they hang out, and a brand presence that is undeniably YOU!

Consider me as your right-hand gal helping to market your business using research, strategy, and tactics that will drive your business goals upward.

Ready to roll?

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BJM Creative Testimonial from Megan Hotze Editorial

Megan Hotze

Principal, Megan Hotze Editorial

Betsy is talented, driven, and incredibly organized. Not only does she stay on top of the latest trends and best practices, but she implements those strategically to ensure that our brand flourishes in a way that makes sense for our industry and those we serve. We spend our days telling other people’s stories and our dedication to our craft leaves little time for telling our own. Betsy makes that process a priority and takes the stress out of the endless planning and preparation!

BJM Digital Marketing Steph Testimonial

Stephanie O'Keefe

Founder, Steph & Co. Designs

Betsy is amazing to work with! If you are looking for a marketing expert to help take your business to the next level. Look no further. She is prompt, communicative, and went above and was able to take a strategic overview of my business and provide feedback and suggestions that I was able to implement right away.

BJM Creative Testimonial from Megan Hotze Editorial

Semmes Burns

Managing Director, Megan Hotze Editorial

Betsy is an absolute pro at catching trends on social media and keeping up with the latest updates to platforms. She keeps us abreast of these changes and guides us in how to capitalize on them so that we may share our story and our client's stories in the most effective manner. While our day-to-day work is spent honing, crafting, and sharing the work of our clients, as with the cobbler's shoes, we often turn our attention to our own story last. Betsy distills the big picture of the enormous social media landscape down so that we can, together, make sure that we're giving our own work the attention it deserves!

BJM Digital Marketing Viki Testimonial

Viki Chupik

Chupik Design, Founder + Interior Designer

Betsy is an absolute gem! She and I hit it off from the moment we met. She takes the time to really get to know you, your company, and your goals. Her experience and marketing knowledge helped us to grow and see great returns on our investment. BJM Creative will take your marketing to the next level.

BJM Digital Marketing Kristi Testimonial

Kristi Tischer

Beneath The Pines Candle Co.

Starting a business is hard. Starting an online business is even harder… especially when you have no idea where to start. I’m so thankful I found Betsy to guide me on the beginnings of my business with social media. I was using random hashtags, hoping it would find the right customer for me, had no clue what reels were, posted once or twice a week if lucky, and was all around frustrated that I wasn’t getting sales besides the ones from family and friends.
In my initial consultation with Betsy, we had a great conversation about my goals, what I needed from her, and what my products were all about. My number one goal was to get an order on my website from someone I didn’t know. I can tell you that I’ve reached that goal a few times now and I’ve done small celebrations each time! Betsy showed me the right hashtag groups to use, getting the SEO for my website narrowed down, using alt text on images, and more.
If you’re starting an online business but have no idea where to go to get the customers you need and want, Betsy is your answer. I highly recommend her. She has been a great supporter of my small business and is always tagging me in great marketing ideas and tips.

BJM Digital Marketing Stephanie Testimonial

Stephanie Schoenrock

Executive Director, Visit Minot

We hired Betsy to come and train a few small groups of community stakeholders. She was approachable, knowledgeable, and tailored the training to the participants in the class. Betsy used relatable examples that made it easy to understand. THANK YOU BETSY! We will be inviting you back.

3-Month Marketing Strategy Consulting

Are you able to take on the day-to-date management of your marketing tactics, but just not sure you have the right strategy in place?

Are you planning out content in the moment, writing copy on a whim, unsure if what you are putting out there is resonating with your audience?

Do you know WHO you are trying to reach, but unsure if they are actually seeing your marketing efforts?

If you can answer YES to any of these, then this package is for you!

Over the course of 3 months, we will work together to take a deep dive into your business goals, branding, target audience, and align your marketing goals and tactics to breed success.

Marketing - SEO
consultation marketing


Research & development of the marketing strategy

Marketing partner


content & concept development based on strategy

digital marketing agency


Implementation & Hand Off -
You Got This!

marketing - seo

VIP Sessions

Let’s get to work! These VIP Sessions are for any business, at any level, who needs a quick boost to their marketing efforts and are meant to light a fire under you and help accelerate your goals to fruition.

show me the packages

Let’s get to work!

Micro Session

Micro Session

  • 60-minute high-level strategy call
  • Summary of notes provided to you afterwards
  • 2 weeks of client communication


Mid Session

Mid Session

  • 60-minute deep-dive strategy call
  • High level action plan delivered by end of the day
  • 2 weeks of client communication


Mega Session

Mega Session

  • 90-minute deep-dive strategy call
  • 1 existing social media platform audit (your choice)
  • High-level action plan delivered by end of the day
  • 1 month of client communication


*Custom Packages and Social Media Consulting available upon request